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LiverPro® 2.0

Liver & Gallbladder Detoxification

No Fasting No Hunger

LiverPro 2.0, the liver & Gallbladder detoxification, plays an important role to enhance the liver and gallbladder funcitons. It is described as the health activator because the detoxification removes the accumalted toxins and fats from the body, reduces the burden in the liver, bring health and yourthfulness back on track.


Combined with Oxy-Act and Oxy-Xan, LiverPro 2.0 simplifies the overall detoxification procedures. Without the needs of drinking big glass of olive oil, and big glass of sour lemon juice, now everyone can detox easily, anytime, anywhere convenient to all your needs!


Oxy-Act is made according to a technology deveoped by NASA for the purpose of releasing oxygen in our body. During LiverPro 2.0 detoxification, Oxy-Act steadily releases oxygen in our body, thus triggering toxins decoomposition. Most importantly, it also relaxes the hepatic ducts and the bile ducts, preventing any discomfort condition such as stones clog in the ducts during the removing process.


A revolutionary formula of mixed mangoesteen juice, blended with extra-virgin olive oil. Mangoesteen is well known for its unique component-Xanthones, a super anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory substance, which helps to strengthen the body immunity, recover the damaged cells while removing the free radicals from the body.  

LiverPro® 2.0

Detoxification Time Table

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