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To ensure high quality of our products, Damo Wellness appointed Titi Eco Farm as our ingredient supplier and product manufacturer.

Titi Eco Farm is the pioneer of "one-stop production" organic food in Malaysia, from raw materials freshly picked from the farm and process become organic food products. It's also the first factory that allows visitors to have an eye-open on the whole processing process from harvesting until processed product. They implement transparency in this factory aim to provide education to the public about organic food processing, hence raising the awareness of the importance about health and safety of organic food products.

Titi Eco Farm insists to have an in-house composting under self-monitoring system to produce the highest quality of organic fertilizer for the crops. The on-going improvement on the quality of the compost and maintenance on the fertility of the soil is build under the principle of Ecological and Nutritional Balance to allow an ecological harmony, pollution-free and sustainable farming system to be created. Damo Wellness agree very much with their eco-friendly plantation method.

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