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LiverPro® 2.0

Liver & Gallbladder Detoxification

Detox So Easy

LiverPro®2.0, the Liver & Gallbladder detoxification, plays an important role to enhance the liver and gallbladder functions. It is described as the health activator because the detoxification removes the accumulated toxins and fats from the body, reduces the burden in the liver, bringing health and youthfulness back on track.


Taking into consideration that our lifestyle has drastically changed, many people nowadays have difficulty to do the liver detoxification due to the daily tight schedules.. In 2016, Damo Wellness once again made a significant breakthrough to overcome these impediments. A new LiverPro®2.0 which combines Oxy-Act and Oxy-Xan, simplifies the overall detoxification procedures is proudly presented.


Now with the new LiverPro®2.0 formula, everyone can detox easily, anytime, anywhere convenient to all your needs!



  • Radiant skin

  • Energertic

  • Good digestion

  • Good Sleeping Quality

  • Healthy & balance life

Ingredient: Oxy-Act


Oxy-Act is made according to a technology developed by NASA for the purpose of releasing oxygen in our body. Conventionally, Oxy-Act is used for the soothing of headache, muscle cramps, insomnia, blood vessels tension and other symptoms caused by lack of oxygen in our body.


During LiverPro®2.0 detoxification, Oxy-Act steadily releases oxygen in our body, thus triggering toxins decomposition. Most importantly, it also relaxes the hepatic ducts and the bile ducts, preventing any discomfort condition such as stones stuck in the ducts during the stones removing process.​


Ingredient: Oxy-Xan

Oxy-Xan, a revolutionary formula of mixed mangosteen juice with extra-virgin olive oil. Mangosteen is well known for its unique component-Xanthones, a super anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory substance, which helps to strengthen body immunity, to recover damaged cells and to remove free radicals from the body hence promoting radiant skin and preventing various chronic diseases.


This new formula has a pleasant taste with natural fruity sweetness. It eases the overall LiverPro®2.0 detoxification process as well as enhancing the detoxification results.


At the same time, it recovers and promotes our general health.

LiverPro® 2.0

Detoxification Time Table

Friendly Reminder:

  • Recommend to do the LiverPro®2.0 detox in the interval of 1-2 months. 

  • If you experience weak digestion, consume 2 tablespoons of Bentong Ginger Enzyme before meal.

  • If you experience constipation, consume Stone Breaker 3 days before detox, twice a day, after breakfast and lunch.

  • If you have gallstones, consume Stone Breaker 5 days before detox, twice a day, after breakfast and lunch. Consume also the Bentong Ginger Enzyme, 2 tablespoons before breakfast.

  • Please consult our nutritional team if you have gallbladder stones or any liver, gallbladder, kidney and heart diseases.

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