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Liver and Gallbladder Toxins Analysis

Naturopathist, Dr Olive Er did a thorough case study and created a hepatobiliary toxins analysis, through a series of scientific research to analyze what are the main causes for toxin accumulation in the body. You can attach the pictures of all the stones on UPLOAD PAGE so that the team is able to assist in analysing the toxin level of the stones.

How to prepare the photos of Liver & Gallbladder stones for analysis?

Health Diagnosis 

Our Naturopathist and Dietitian will provide health diagnosis services to follow up with customers’ health progress and detoxification results. We provide two types of diagnosis:

Bioenergy Health Assessment

Bioenergy Health Assessment

Damo Wellness Detoxification Camp

We also organise wellness detoxification camps; combining yoga, organic diet and detoxification. Allowing participants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, and experience the vastness of nature that will help in detoxification. 

Song Yan Detoxification Camp

Naturopathy and Diet Course

We also conduct Naturopathy and Diet Courses at corporate level, schools, organisations and etc. -


Melaka Tzu Chi “Flower and Life” Health Course -

Corporate Health Management Plan

The health and productivity of employees are the most important assets of the business. Through Damo Wellness’s health management plan, we promote healthy lifestyles for the employees and their families and hence improve employee productivity and energetic state. The Nutrition & Detoxification Programme offered by Damo Wellness will further add value to your employee’s benefits.

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