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KidneyPro Cleanse

The Miracle Kidney

Kidneys are described as the natural "scavenger" in human body. They help to filter toxins and wastes, regulate body electrolytes and acid–base balance, as well as the blood pressure (via maintaining salt and water balance). In addition, kidney produces a variety of hormones to maintain the health of red blood cells, bones and hairs. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes that kidney is the vital organ for strong bone and long life. When the Kidney Qi is weak, problems of water metabolism, urination, fertility, or sexuality may exist.

Kidney diseases- the silent killer

Unlike heart or stomach, there are no significant symptoms whenever kidneys are burdened with toxins. Too much of toxins accumulating in kidneys due to poor living styles, over intake of animal proteins and salt, overdose of medication, lack of exercise and dehydration because of substituting water with tea, coffee, alcohol and other manufactured beverages. All these continue stressing the kidneys and trigger kidney diseases, which is the silent killer that may affect not only the urinary system, but also the whole circulatory and reproductive system.

KidneyPro - Your Ultimate Kidney Cleanse

Knowing that toxins nowadays are almost unavoidable, KidneyProTM is formulated as the best remedy to protect our kidneys. "Let food be our medicine", KidneyProTM is made of organic unpeeled lemon, apple cider, organic herb blends (parsley, lysimachia christinae, houttuynia cordata) and Japanese maltooligosaccharides. Most of these ingredients are grown, harvested, extracted and packed in the organic farm to achieve 0% contamination. Lemon and apple cider are well known as one of the most powerful "stone breaker", with addition of the herb blends which promotes urination and bladder cleanse, it helps to soften kidney stones, reduces uric acid, enhances prostate function in men, and reduces urinary tract infections especially for women. Combine LiverPro® and KidneyProTM cleanse give a deep cleanse to the body, which is the safest naturopathy to regain youthfulness and vitality.


  • Promote regular urination

  • Improve cloudy urine

  • and night urination

  • Dissolve acidic crystalline

  • Improve eye bag and edema condition


Ingredient: Organic lemon 65%, Apple cider, Lysimachia Christinae, Houttuynia Cordate, Leave parsley, Natural Japanese maltooligosaccharides.

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