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  • Can pregnant women or children do the liver and gallbladder cleanse?

  • The liver and gallbladder cleanse has no side effect for the pregnant mother, however it is advisable to postpone the liver and gallbladder cleanse until at least six weeks after delivery. Children below 10 are not recommended to do the liver cleanse. However, for those aged 10 to 16, the liver cleanse should be done at half of the recommended dosage

  • I have done 5 times of the liver cleanse. During my first and second cleanses, I only collected a few gallstones. However, I passed out roughly 200 stones during my third cleanse. Can you explain why I was not successful during the first two cleanses?

  • This is a very rare case as it implies your major bile ducts in the liver were congested with solidified gallstones. The size of the gallstones may be large enough to block the flow of bile during detoxification. The liver took two cleanses to break down the solidified gallstones and unclog the major bile ducts. This is why you released so many stones during the third cleanse!

  • When is the suitable time to do the liver and gallbladder cleanse?

  • To avoid any inconvenience and discomfort, woman is advisable not to do the cleanse 3 days before or after the monthly cycle. Besides, do not do the cleanse while you are under great stress. Plan for yourself a 2~3 day break for a relaxing cleanse. In addition, we should try to avoid doing the cleanse during full moon day because the body tends to hold more fluids in the upper body on this day than others and hence affects the cleansing results.

  • Everyone has gallstones?

       According to Dr. Hulda Clark's clinical experience:

  1. 90% of adults have gallstones;50% of children have gallstones;

  2. 85% of people (18 years old above) who did not have any symptoms found gallstones after they did the liver and gallbladder cleanse;

  3. 100% of cancer patient found gallstones after they did the liver and gallbladder cleanse;

  4. 100% of people who have bad mouth breath found gallstones after they did the liver and gallbladder cleanse!

  5. Therefore,we can say almost eveyone has gallstones problems.

  • What is OxyAct ?Are there any side effects?

  • OxyAct is a Damo Wellness Sdn. Bhd owned US formulated nutritional supplement which specially designed for the purpose of liver and gallbladder cleanse. It consists of Ozonated Minerals made from mountainous regions, barley powder, burdock, licorice and lemon extract. The special formulation triggers the small and large intestines peristalsis, speed up toxins decomposition; relax the hepatic and bile ducts, making it safe and effective for the hepatobiliary stones and toxins to be released from your body. In addition, OxyAct gently releases large amounts of oxygen and vitamin C into the digestive tract that help to speed up body's metabolism and promotes cell repair.

  • Together with barley, natural burdock and licorice extract, it cleanses not only the liver and gallbladder, but also pancreas, duodenum, small and big intestine because OxyAct is able to effectively expel parasites and bad bacteria from the body, remove hardened mucus and old fecal material in the intestinal tract, hence improve constipation and allergies, effectively expel parasites, strengthen immunity and promote growth of good bacteria hence enhances the absorption of nutrients.. Besides making the powder more palatable, the lemon extract also greatly enhances the detoxification effect!

  • Who is not suitable to do liver and gallbladder cleanse?

Most people are suitable to do liver and gallbladder cleanse except those are very weak and those with kidney failure (on hemodialysis or with uremic symptoms). Pregnant women are advised to do the cleanse six weeks after delivery. Children have very good detoxification function, therefore we will only advise children who are ten years old above to do the cleanse. For children with body weight less than 40 kg, the portion of the detox ingredient is half of the adult's portion.


  • What should I do if I experience hunger during the cleansing program?

If you follow a preparation by reducing food intake gradually from 70% to 30%, there should not be any urge to eat. However, if you feel hungry after 6pm of the actual cleanse, you may drink juices and water instead.


  • I am overweight. Can I lose weight though liver and gallbladder cleanse?

Although the purpose of liver and gallbladder cleanse is not in losing weight, many have reported that they have slimmed down after the cleanse. Besides, for those who are under weight, after the cleanse they actually experience increment of body weight. This is largely due to a balance hormone secretion and good nutrients absorption once the liver is unobstructed.


  • Why are the gallstones that I found it soft and puffy and not hard?

Pink grape fruit juice helps to soften the gallstones so that the gallstones can be released smoothly. Besides, most of the gallstones formed in the liver are made up of fatty tissue, also known as cholesterol stone and they are naturally soft. The brown and red stones are harder than the yellowish and greenish stones. The white and tan colored stones are the hardest if they are calcified.


  • I am under medication. Should I continue taking the medicine while doing the liver and gallbladder cleanse?

It is best to avoid any medicines during the cleanse, unless they are necessary. You may consider skip the medicine after 6pm if possible. This is because some medicines might suppress the cleansing process. Other than that, the medicines are wasted as they are flushed out with the bile. Same concept applied to herbs and food supplements.



  • I have serious abdominal pain. Doctor said I have gallbladder infection, can I do the liver and gallbladder cleanse now?

When the liver and gallbladder is infected due to gallstones, (also called cholecystitis or Choledocholithiasis), you are not supposed to do liver and gallbladder cleanse. It is recommended to take plenty of aloe vera juice, barley grass and products containing friendly bacteria to reduce the infection until all the pain are eliminated. Then it is safe to do the cleanse but keep in mind, you will need to do the cleanse continuously at a monthly interval. Avoid oily and heavy meals.


  • What should I do if do not have the urge to pass motion?

If you do not have the urge to pass motion on 2nd day after 10 am, please mix 500 ml of warm water with a pinch of sea salt and drink it within 30 minutes, in order to promote the bowel movement.



  • Must I do colon irrigation and fasting before the liver and gallbladder cleanse?

For best results, fasting and colon irrigation are encouraged. However if you cannot tolerate fasting, you may change your diet to light meals. Besides, if you are not comfortable with colon irrigation, you may use aloe vera juice plus fibre or Senokot (which is made of senna and can be easily bought from any pharmacy store) before the actual cleanse. You may also get instructions from a practitioner on how to do colon irrigation. 

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