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We Keep Detox Simple

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Damo Wellness

Damo Wellness was co-founded by two Naturopathist - Ocean Chua and Olive Er in 2006. It is one of the leading companies in Malaysia that professionally focuses on Naturopathy, wellness treatment and consultation.

Ocean Chua, ND
Olive Er, ND

Over the years, the company has been devoted in providing naturopathy education, health and wellness programmes to the community. Year 2006, Damo Wellness successfully developed “LiverPro®” liver and gallbladder detoxification programme. Start from Malaysia, Damo Wellness spreads the naturopathic and detoxification awareness to many other Asia countries.

Interviewed by National TV


In 2012, due to its effort in spreading goodness of naturopathy and wellness, the company was one of the first to be highlighted on national television. The interview was about Damo Wellness’s “LiverPro®” liver and Gallbladder Detoxification programme - a leading programme in the company.

Simple, Convenient and Effective Therapy

Damo Wellness is committed to integrate naturopathy into people’s daily lives by emphasising health care methods that are simple, convenient and effective. Damo Wellness team consists of qualified physicians, dieticians, and physiotherapists to provide professional consultation services which range from a variety of detoxification methods to diet therapy and many more.

Our Team

Ocean Chua, N.D.

Naturopathy Physician

Have extensive experiences in the beauty and health regimen


Specialized in naturopathy diagnosis, iridology intructor, liver and gallbladder detox instructor, R&D of health product.

“To regain health naturally and stay healthy easily” is our mission, and we hope that through our professional services, everyone could easily maintain and embody a healthy and energetic life.

Personalized Health Diagnosis and Consultation

Damo Wellness also provides professional health education, talk and detoxification camp. Other than that our team also provides personalized health diagnosis and consultation based on the bioenergy assessment and iridology analysis. After analyzing individual’s health status, a customised health plan and naturopathic therapy will be provided.

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