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Stone Breaker

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Product details of Stone Breaker - LiverPro®2.0 Detoxification Starter

Stone Breaker consists of organic whole lemon and apple cider vinegar, which are the two powerful natural alkalizers and anti-oxidants on earth. Apple cider vinegar is rich in malic acid, organic whole lemon is rich in citric acid. This combination acts as the integral part of LiverPro® (liver and gallbladder cleanse) and KidneyPro (kidney cleanse) via softening stones and neutralizing acidic substances. Hence helps to maximize the cleansing results.

It is worth mentioning that one sachet of Stone Breaker contains the active ingredients of 7 apples and 2 lemons. As daily maintenance, Stone Breaker restores energy and relieves fatigue. It is a preventive drink to gallbladder and kidney stones. With the property as anti-oxidant, Stone Breaker is also known as the natural skin whitener that helps to lighten freckles and spots, and keep our skin radiant and fair. .

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