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Bentong Ginger Enzyme

Your Perfect Rejuvenation

Bentong Ginger is a pungent herb grown in the heavenly mountainous area in Pahang, Malaysia, irrigated with the crystal clear water from the mountain and fertilized with the soil which enriched with distinctive minerals. Thus, it is described as the “King of Ginger” as is richer in nutrients e.g. gingerols if compared to the ordinary ginger in the market.

For best quality, the premium grade of Bentong Ginger is chosen for fermentation with organic molasses, oligo and selected digestive enzyme blend to achieve superior . The fermented ginger has smaller nutrient molecules and hence is easily absorbed by the body cells.

Bentong Ginger Enzyme is famous with its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidants, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties, which provide natural cures to numerous disorders:

  • Suitable for anemia, promotes blood circulation and prevents arteries blockage.

  • Eases menstrual symptoms such as cramps, cold hands and feet and is the best tonic for mother during confinement.

  • Relieves nausea, dizziness, fever and soothes common cold symptoms, including cough and stuffy nose and phlegm.

  • Enhances respiratory systems and improves short breath and paleness.

  • Relieves fatigue, insomnia and depression.

  • Improves digestion, relieves gastric bloating and prevents gastrointestinal inflammation.

  • Prevents formation of gallstones.

  • Best food supplement after LiverPro® liver and gallbladder cleanse.

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